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Bircotes Leisure Centre

Enjoy a game of badminton at Bircotes Leisure Centre.

How to Book:

Call us on 01302 743979


Badminton Court £10

Games now half price every weekend!


Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players (singles) or two opposing pairs (doubles), who take positions on opposite halves of a rectangular court divided by a net. Players score points by striking a shuttlecock with their racquet so that it passes over the net and lands in their opponents' half of the court. Each side may only strike the shuttlecock once before it passes over the net. A rally ends once the shuttlecock has struck the floor, or if a fault has been called by either the umpire or service judge or, in their absence, the offending player, at any time during the rally.
At high levels of play, especially in singles, badminton demands excellent fitness: players require aerobic stamina, agility, explosive strength, speed and precision.

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