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The Psychology of Serial Killers

Join us at the Metrodome Arena on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 for a thrilling night, delving into the Psychology of Serial Killers! 

During this talk, you will discover how serial killers are classified, the differences between lust killers like the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) Killer, and visionary killers such as David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam. Jennifer will explore the different categories, using case studies to illustrate their cases.

Jennifer Rees will also debunk common Serial Killer Myths – you may be surprised by what you learn! As well as the typical differences between male and female serial killers, again, incorporating case studies to illustrate.

You will also investigate the phenomenon of killer couples such as Fred and Rose West and The Moors Murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, as well exploring the Folie à deux syndrome, a.k.a ‘shared psychosis’.




Another portion of the evening will include why women fall in love with known serial killers? Jennifer will discuss the clinical knowledge surrounding why serial killers gain admirers, fan mail, and even spouses in light of their atrocious crimes. Learn about Hybristophilia, and the astounding case of the Night Crawler’s trial.

Finally, identifying John and Jane Does – how are victims identified? Prepare to watch a fascinating time-lapse video of facial reconstruction on the skull of a discovered body! 

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Doors open: 7:30pm 

Ticket Price: £19 + £1.95 booking fee

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