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Home Workout Hub

Home Workout Hub

Welcome to your Home Workout Hub!

As a member of BPL our top priority is your health and fitness. To keep you fit throughout these difficult times we have launched our brand new online home fitness hub for everyone to get involved in.

Home Workouts

We have created a range of workouts that can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home. Simply click here and subscribe to our Youtube channel to take part in daily workouts and join in the fun with our very own fitness instructors. See below for all our workouts:

Home Workout 1 - General

Home Workout 2 - General

Home Workout 3 - Pilates

Home Workout 4 - Full Body Blast

Home Workout 5 - Zumba

Home Workout 6 - Zumba 2

Home Workout 7 - Sh1ft

Home Workout 8 - Zumba 3

Home Workout 9 - Body Pump

Home Workout 10 - Metafit

Home Workout 11 - Rucksack Workout

Home Workout 12 - Body Combat

Home Workout 13 - Grit

Home Workout 14 - Abs Annihilation

Home Workout 15 - iMoveFreely (Hips)

Home Workout 16 - HIIT Tabata

Home Workout 17 - Attack Tabata

Home Workout 18 - CXWORX

Home Workout 19 - iMoveFreely (Shoulders)

Home Workout 20 - Body Balance

Home Workout 21 - Dumbbell Curcuit

Home Workout 22 - Body Attack

Home Workout 23 - Kettlebell Tabata

Home Workout 24 - Body Combat 2

Home Workout 24 - Body Pump 2 

Please ensure that all workouts are completed in a safe environment, follow social distancing and most of all, have fun. If you have any question please get in touch with us by filling the contact form in at the bottom of this page.

MyWellness BPL Virtual Workouts

Each day BPL is will give you access to 3 different types of home workouts (Easy, Medium & Pro) that you can participate in from home.

To get instant access to these home workouts, follow the steps below: 

  • Select your platform below and click the link to download below.
  • To access these workouts you must select ‘BPL Virtual Gym’ as your chosen facility.
  • Access 3 home workouts daily.  

  • Click here to download the Mywellness app from the App Store

    Click here to download the Mywellness app from the Google Play Store

    Health & Wellbeing Tips

    We all know how important it is to deal with the current changes made to your lifestyle. BPL has created some handy health & wellbeing tips. Click below to access our health and wellbeing articles.

    Working From Home During Isolation 

    Keep Healthy During Isolation


    Fitness Membership & Swim School Enquiries

    Get in touch with us regarding any questions you may have about our Fitness or Swim School memberships. We're still taking applications for our swim school. Enquire for your chance to reserve your child space for when we re-open!Â

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