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The Course at Hillies

Hillies Golf Course

Hillies Golf Course is a 9 hole par 32 course, 2,174 yards in distance. It can be played as a 9 hole or 18 hole game and is a great choice for all kinds of golfers.

We do our best to to give all our customers an excellent golfing experience and pride ourselves on being one of the few 9 hole courses where you can achieve a golf handicap. 


Want to see what our fabulous course has to offer? 

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Golf for Beginners & Juniors

Our course is fantastic for beginners - even if you have never played before, our resident Golf Club members are happy to show you around the course for your very first game, and can even offer advice and tips!

If you're looking to learn or practice you'll enjoy the informal, friendly atmosphere that is present on the green and in the Clubhouse. Unlike some other golf courses, we welcome golfers of all abilities and our dress code is casual - you don't have to turn up in the latest gear to fit in (unless you want to of course!)

We also welcome under 16s (under 11s must be accompanied by an adult) and with MAXx membership, juniors can enjoy complementary golf at specified times.

We offer equipment hire including buggy hire and club hire as well as having various golfing items available for purchase on site. 


Golf for the More Experienced Golfer

Our course is also a great option if you are an intermediate or advanced golfer. Even the keenest of players will find a round of golf at Hillies both challenging and enjoyable.


Gaining Your Official Handicap at Hillies

If you would like to acquire an official handicap this is done in conjunction with Wombwell Hillies Golf Club who will calculate your handicap after you have played either 6x 9 hole games or 3x 18 hole games. To get an official handicap, you must be a member of the Club. You can find out more about joining the Club here. 


Local Rules & Golf Etiquette at Hillies

Hillies Golf Course Local Rules

Hillies Golf Course Etiquette

Hillies Golf Course is a great option for all kinds of golfers, from beginners and juniors to more advanced golfers wishing to reduce their handicap!

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