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Cardiac Rehab in Barnsley

Hoyland Leisure Centre

Where: Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre

South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust in partnership with BPL supports patients with heart problems and on the road to recovery.
Set in the community at Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre, patients are looked after on a rehabilitation programme designed to meet their personal needs.

Patients are seen by clinicians who are expertly paced to deal with medical health problems to enable patients the best road to a normal life.

How Does It Work? 

The intensity of exercise performed is measured against a scale known as the rate of perceived exertion and is maintained to a comfortable level throughout the duration of rehabilitation.

The patient's heart rate is also monitored and a target heart rate is established to work to during exercising. This is increased monthly.

Other measures such as the distance covered or the amount of calories burned are also used as a good way of showing the patient that they are improving over time.

More About Cardiac Rehab

A rehabilitation programme usually involves going to a session lasting about one or two hours, once or twice a week for around 2-3 months.

Some programmes may have shorter or longer sessions, and they may vary in the number of weeks they run for. Programmes are usually run in a hospital or a community or leisure centre, and may be done in group sessions or individually. Exercise is an important part of rehabilitation as it will help with recovery and improve fitness, strength and general wellbeing. Regular exercise also helps to keep the heart healthy for the future.

Before starting a programme patients will have an assessment to find out how much exercise they can safely do. A nurse, physiotherapist or an exercise specialist can then work out a programme of exercises, tailoring the programme to meet particular needs.

You will start slowly and gently, and increase gradually over the weeks of the programme. The main part of the exercise sessions will be ‘aerobic’. These are exercises that help to improve the fitness of the heart and circulation. Most cardiac rehabilitation programmes include a range of different exercises. Some use equipment such as exercise bikes and some may include chair-based exercises.

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