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Marathon success for Fitness Supervisor Terry

MARATHON enthusiast Terry Forrest is a great ambassador for his employer BPL …

The Fitness Flex Metrodome supervisor had been training three times a day in preparation for the London Marathon and completed the gruelling course in two hours, 38 minutes and 52 seconds … and the big-hearted runner has a long list of charities and causes which he supports through his impressive feats.

This year’s marathon was extra special for Terry, as after achieving an outstanding time in last year’s race he was able to participate in the Championship Entry level for a fourth time, joining some of the biggest and best athletes in the world.

Here, he had the opportunity to represent the ‘Cairngorm Runners’, a club close to his heart, after finding his love for running in Scotland.

Terry, 34, said: ‘’Everyone was in high spirits on the day, the atmosphere and the crowd were electrifying, other participants were great support, looking out for each other throughout the race.’’

This was Terry’s fourth year competing in the Club Championship race of the London marathon and with over 40 marathons under his belt, winning 25 of those including ‘King of the Hill’ at the Sheffield Half marathon, he is no stranger to the merciless training that’s practised daily to reach such a level of fitness.

"I was training three times a day, core training at home in the morning, half an hour at the Barnsley Metrodome during my lunch break, followed by an outdoor run each evening.’’

Terry, who currently lives in Normanton, West Yorkshire, is also a qualified UK Athletics guide runner for the visually impaired and is constantly volunteering in charity-based organisations, he adds: ‘’I also support several regional Cancer Research Race for Life events each year, in a voluntary role and work closely with Weston Park Cancer Charity, on several fundraising events through our connections here at BPL.’’

"The majority of the time I partake in races, fundraising and raising awareness of stillbirth and baby loss charities for the Team Ella organisation. My good friend from Liverpool began the charity after his family experienced the loss of their daughter, Ella.’’ Terry’s next charity event involves a 96K (60 mile) run in memory of the 96 Hillsborough Disaster victims, taking place this Sunday.

He adds: "BPL are supporting my fundraising efforts over the next week with donations of prizes and a platform to raise funds for the 23 Foundation Charity.’’

Other upcoming events include the ‘Rock n Roll’ marathon based in Liverpool and the Huddersfield marathon.

"To anyone who’s interested in the sport, I would highly recommend visiting the Dorothy Hyman Leisure Centre in Cudworth, where BPL offer a wide range of facilities including the running track and other fitness services. BPL are always very supportive with local communities, helping people strive towards and achieve their personal goals.’’ 

"I am also a massive advocate of the ParkRun community and the social as well as the physical benefits this incredibly successful phenomenon has developed over the years. ParkRun organise free, weekly timed runs across the country. These events bring the community together, the people involved give you the extra boost to push yourself to accomplish your targets and make you feel proud of what you’ve achieved.’’

Not only is Terry a great role model, but he’s a great asset to the team at BPL, proving to us all that running is part of a bigger picture improving physical and mental health, supporting charities and becoming part of a community.

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