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Rigby Christenings

Rigby Café & Lounge

Come and celebrate the Christening of your little-one at the fabulous Rigby Function Room Suite!

We can offer the perfect surrounding for this joyous day, and offer bespoke packages to meet the needs of all would-be guests.


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- Fully Air Conditioned Room

- Bespoke Lighting System

- Natural Daylight

- Free Parking for Delegates

- Food and Drink Packages

- Soundproofed Wall

- Double Projector System and Microphone

- Dividing Wall for Smaller Functions

We'll meet the needs of all guests to give you the special celebration that you deserve!

Rigby Christening Enquiry Form

Interested in holding your childs special day here at the Rigby? Simply complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

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