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Cardiac Rehab

Worksop Leisure Centre

Have you or anyone you know suffered a               heart-related illness?

If the answer is yes, we are here to help!

We have a fantastic cardiac rehabilitation programme in place at Worksop Leisure Centre. The programme has been desinged and tailored to meet the individual needs of all our patients and aid them on their road to recovery.

Patients are seen by clinicians who are expertly placed to deal with medical health problems, enabling them to take the steps required towards a normal life.


- 12 week exercise programme tailored to your health-releated condition

- Highly qualified staff on hand to offer support and guidance

- Consultation and first session FREE OF CHARGE

- Discounted rates with no contract required



- Help improve muscular strength

- Increase energy levels

- Improve mobility and flexibility

- Increase stamina levels

- Help with everyday living



"The exercise sessions have taken some weight off and the fact that I am playing golf again has really helped.  I am fitter now than twelve weeks ago and taking less paracetamol.   I hope to continue with the rehab class and if not then I will go to the gym as well. Listen to the instructor; they are there to help you.  The staff at the hospital and the leisure centre are brilliant!" - Bruce, 74, Worksop.

"The benefits I personally get are networking with people who have had a similar cardiac episodes to myself, and reinforcing my own confidence in my physical abilities. I am happy to use this programme to increase my fitness so that I can ultimately join the gym to maintain my  improved healthy lifestyle." - Jeff, Worksop.


Interested? Ask your GP or Practice Nurse about a referral to join our Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Programme. Alternatively, you can call us on 01909 473937 or complete the enquiry form below:

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